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Skills and activities of Doublesprit are wide in the context of creativity and interactive design production

We are specialized in show and scénography ‘s interactive direction for show museography event . Our creations are quite original. We do not know the copy and paste. We attach a lot of importance about scripts and scenarios and to the content’s meaning. While public’s audiences seem to discover the virtual reality, the increased reality, we have been working in this domain for more than 15 years. What allows us to propose expert solutions, far from the technological demonstrations. We are at the origin of the numerous first ones as the first virtual set in 1988 on the stage of the Nancy’s opera for Alcina de Haendel. And  the first live virtual moderator of the international reveal of the Airbus A380 in 2005. Quite recently we staged the first realistic virtual actor in a historic interactive live show mapping.

Our specificity and skills :

  • Direction and choreography of show interactive mapping
    Direction of design scenic visual for concert, TV program, live performances, operas, fashion show.
    Design of application interactive for events, event of Marks(Brands), On-line.
    Design of interactive scenographies for the museography
    Design of live realistic virtual characters

A new situation – digital communication:

We are strongly interested in the digital communication and acquired the knowledge. This new space of direction(fabrication) needs more than ever contents media between the reality and between the virtual. The effect bloggers’s impacts will last only one time. This new space of creation is going to upset the traditional representations of the cultural expressions. The artists owe invest this support. The show(entertainment) can adapt itself to the fact that we call the segmentation of audiences. It means designing the cultural show(entertainment) or communication for several places, several forms and several public.

Behind the term digital communication hides at first the digitalization and the operation of datas and behavior. Nevertheless the main part is probably not there but rather in the change of paradigm which this dematerialization implies. Worked out on the digital communication…read article

Avec toutes ces expériences nous sommes l’interface créatif idéal entre tradition et futur.

Every project is unique, we are attuned to your most daring, most innovative demands, we analyze your needs and develop for you the solutions.

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